Charlotte’s BAG is one of the only UK charities specifically focussing on raising funds for research into, and awareness of, glioblastoma multiforme.  This very rare and currently nearly always terminal form of brain cancer can affect anyone of any age.  However, the plasticity of the brain as it develops during adolescence means that enormous changes are taking place, making any treatment for glioblastoma even more challenging.

Brain cancer is significantly underfunded, with only 1% of annual spending going towards research into cancers of the brain.  This is one reason why there has been so little progress to date, unlike other cancers which have had massive investment and as a result seen survival rates increase dramatically.  Brain cancer treatments have not progressed significantly since 1990, when temozolomide was first introduced.

Charlotte Eades died from glioblastoma in February 2016, just a week after her 19th birthday – but before her death Charlotte made a difference to thousands of other young cancer sufferers.  Today, her mother Alex, brother Miles and friend Cressy plan to make a difference with Charlotte’s BAG.

Why Charlotte’s BAG?  BAG stands for Battle Against Glioblastoma, and Charlotte was a major handbag aficionado!

Charlotte’s BAG is a registered UK Charity: 1169419.