Hi from Alex, Miles and Cressy at Charlotte’s BAG.

It’s really hard to believe that this is our 3rd newsletter since we started sending them out in February 2017, but we try not to inundate you with too much information or fill up your inboxes (social media is a different thing – not sorry about being there at all!)

As of today, we are almost at £118,500 … we originally set out to raise £50-60k in our first year, and we are just 10 months in. What it means is that we can now commit to paying a research assistant for the next three years. This person is currently being recruited, and will make a real, significant difference to our future progress.

Our big media story
We feel as if we have been thinking about this for ever! We do have a great story to tell; it’s likely to be late October now – which coincides with Charlotte’s BAG’s first birthday. Without going into too much detail: we WILL be able to talk about clinical trials, and we WILL be able to put a timeframe onto a potential glioblastoma breakthrough. And we WILL be going all out to raise even more money!

Also, keep your eyes peeled for a Channel 4 documentary in early November – that’s all we can say at the moment!

Donate the Change
This is another thing we also seem to have been talking about for ever – good news is that the programme has just gone live. We’ve got 250 FREE contactless payment devices to give away – just register at www.donatethechange.org/pre-register/ remembering to choose Charlotte’s BAG as your charity and they will be in touch. You can choose from a keyring, bracelet or watch loop in a choice of colours and as well as making contactless payment even easier to do you can choose how much or how little you donate each and every month – 5p per donation, or round your purchase up to the nearest £, whatever you choose. It is all run in conjunction with Barclays and other leading bank/tech organisations, so is completely safe to use. Please register! – the accessories usually cost £20-£30 each, and is yours to keep whether you support us or not.

Big thanks to Marsili Hale, who gave us significant amounts of legal expertise and time to make sure the contract we signed was watertight and protected us. Most of the other charities are quite large and have access to this kind of support, so Marsili has done us a huge favour – thank you again Marsili xx

Rachel’s challenge
Rachel Halstead in Accrington never met Charlotte, but came across her vlogs. With a significant (think 4 plus 0) birthday coming up, she set herself a couple of big challenges, along with raising £200 for Charlotte’s BAG. She completed the Yorkshire Three Peaks Challenge in an astonishing 10 hours 13 mins despite some fairly hairy weather conditions, and next month is undertaking her first half marathon in Bolton. Rachel has already topped her £200 target and is now hoping to raise more at www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/rachel-halstead

Rachel has now celebrated the significant birthday and is recovering from that and the Three Peaks while getting fit for Bolton!

eBay auctions
Have given us a bit of a problem lately! The vloggers Jack and Conor Maynard have supported us hugely, by donating items and tweeting about Charlotte’s BAG – thank you so much to them both. Our latest auction item was a signed poster of Conor plus a personal video message from him – which is fantastic and a highly desirable item for his fan base! Unfortunately, we auctioned it twice and both our winning bidders were unable to pay, having bid up to £140. eBay were no help, and it makes us understand why it can be so difficult to get celebrity endorsement for any charity. We’re just deciding what to put up next, but it needs to be straightforward and no hassle for our supporters. Thanks again to Jack, Conor, sister Anna (all at school with Miles and Charlotte) and their mum. We truly appreciate it.

Brighton buses
During November, 92 buses in Brighton will feature a Charlotte’s BAG poster – we are so pleased, because it means that over 1.4m people will be able to find out about us! Just working on the poster now, but thank you to the team at Brighton & Hove Bus & Coach Company for all their support.

We hate to bang on about it, but this is money for nothing for us! If you shop online, over 4000 retailers will give a percentage of what you spend to us, at NO COST to you. It’s really easy and safe to use, so please check out www.easyfundraising.org.uk and see if your grocery/insurance/holiday/books and music shops can divert some funds our way!

Contact us
Comments, feedback, ideas – please get in touch via info@charlottesbag.com and one of us will get back to you as soon as possible.

And finally…
Why support Charlotte’s BAG? Glioblastoma kills. It does not discriminate by age, sex or gender, and its progress is rapid and cruel, stripping the person of their faculties while leaving the conscious mind intact. Only 1 per cent of UK national cancer research funding goes into brain tumours… not surprisingly, there has been minimal progress, and we want to change that. On a personal note, Cressy has just lost a dear friend to glioblastoma.

With very best wishes and all our thanks.

Alex, Miles and Cressy
The Charlotte’s BAG team