Hi from Alex, Miles and Cressy at Charlotte’s BAG, and welcome to newsletter no.5.
I (Cressy) just re-read the last newsletter, which went out in November – I thought things had been exciting then, but the last four months have also seen major developments which we are so proud and happy to share with you.

Charlotte’s youtube channel topped 4m views on March 24; at the time of the last newsletter she had 2.2m views! This was boosted by some exposure on www.reddit.com, where one of her videos was the no.1 trending/most views for a period – this alone brought in donations of over £3,500 in the space of 48 hours from all over the world. The same video was also featured on mailonline.com, the world’s largest online news outlet, and a couple of other websites.

We have now raised £150k in the space of 17 months – we originally thought we could raise perhaps £50k in our first year, so to have achieved so much is truly inspiring. We thank every single person who has contributed, and, as always, every single penny goes into the pot – no salaries, no advertising, no overheads.

We feel incredibly proud, and very lucky, to have access to some of the world’s most eminent neurology professionals. Stergios Zacharoulis, Charlotte’s neuro-oncology consultant, has been on board since day one, but we are now proud to count a further three professors and three neurosurgeons as part of the team – we’ll update you on their details via the website in due course. As a still very young charity, to have access to and the support of these world-renowned professionals is a real boost. Which leads us on to…

The £120k already deposited at Kings College Hospital, London, will fund a scientific researcher who will work at Charlotte’s Lab within the existing Mowatt Laboratory. We don’t think Charlotte would ever have dreamed of having a lab named after her… The scientist is currently being recruited and will work directly with our team mentioned above. His or her role will be to analyse samples to drill down into tumour structure in depth, with a view to establishing the genetic and molecular fingerprints of glioblastoma and other intractable tumours to tailor treatment and improve prognosis. We’ll be putting some media activity together around the launch of Charlotte’s Lab – dates etc tbc.

We are delighted that Domenica de Rosa, aka best-selling crime novelist Elly Griffiths, has agreed to be a Patron of Charlotte’s BAG. Domenica and Alex are old friends, and Domenica knew Charlotte. Elly Griffiths’ work is well-known: she created the forensic archaeologist Ruth Galloway, and the 1950’s Detective Inspector Edgar Stephens. Thank you Domenica/Elly!

Brighton Argus Charity of the Year 2017 – we were delighted to be honoured at this event in January. Hopefully more awards in the pipeline, we’re entering a couple at the moment!

Cancer & Me: My Online Diary – producer and director Tom Pursey, who spent over 110 hours working with Alex and Miles on this film, has been nominated in the Breakthrough Talent category in the British Academy Television Craft Awards. If you missed the broadcast and would like to see the film, email info@charlottesbag.com and we’ll send you a link

Festival Charlotte , organised by Lucy Slessor and hosted by Cabaresque for Cancer and The Division of Eclectic Sound, will take place at The Solstice in Peterborough on August 4 and 5 – for more details, click here: www.facebook.com/events/1837298439906228/ Thank you Lucy, we can’t wait!

Website revamp – after Charlotte featured on reddit, we were contacted by freelance web designer John McMahon in Los Angeles, who is very kindly helping us revamp the website, freshen it up a little bit and most importantly, make it mobile friendly (poor John is already coping bravely with Cressy and Alex’ complete lack of techy knowledge! – thanks John). HUGE thanks to Matt Crofts who created the original site and did a wonderfully creative job, creating a blueprint we will continue to use. The new look will be evolution not revolution!

BBC School Report – Journalism Club members at Cardinal Newman School interviewed Alex and Cressy about Charlotte’s BAG; they did a great job and we got two good pieces on BBC TV South East news out of it as well. The reporter and cameraman from the BBC were fantastic with the students, giving them loads of tips and hints so it was a good day.

Emily Davison – Emily and Charlotte were great friends and fellow vloggers. Emily (Fashioneyesta) posted this beautiful, heartfelt letter to Charlotte on her second anniversary. We thought you might like to read it: www.fashioneyesta.com/2018/02/24/a-letter-to-charlotte-eades/

Forgive the brevity, and any omissions, but there are so many: Claudia Ligori, Mandy Swann and Sorcha Lee for running half-marathons; Lisa Amicucci and Syd Pollard for the 80’s night at Charlotte’s old school; Becca Difford-Smith and fellow students at Kingston University for the cake sale; Ben Carter and fellow comedians for the wonderful comedy night at the Caxton Arms.

If you get a copy of this newsletter, you are already helping us in one way or another, so we’re not asking you for money! But if you could possibly share our social media stuff via the links below, then that would be another way for us to spread the word – thank you.

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With very best wishes and all our thanks
Alex, Miles and Cressy
The Charlotte’s BAG team