Hi from Alex, Miles and Cressy at Charlotte’s BAG, and welcome to newsletter no.7.

We may be a bit late, but we hope 2019 is going as well as it possibly can for everyone. February was a sad month for us, as it marks Charlotte’s last night at home, her birthday on the 18th (she would have been 22 this year) and the third anniversary of her passing on the 24th.

Charlotte’s youtube channel has now had 7m views worldwide (one video alone has had 2m views), and subscriptions now stand at almost 27,000. Charlotte herself would never have believed this could happen, but the channel has a life of its own, supported by the videos Alex and Miles continue to add on a fairly regular basis and the number of people who share videos on other channels such as reddit and the Daily Mail online.
We set ourselves the target of raising £200k by the end of 2018 and although we have fallen short (almost at £190k at the date of writing) the last few months have seen donations continuing to come in. We keep on!
The number of people who donate by monthly direct debit continues to rise, and we are incredibly grateful to those who do this – thank you.

As always, we are very grateful for everyone’s support, and our ethos of putting every penny raised into Charlotte’s BAG continues – no salaries, no advertising, no overheads.

Our relationship with the team at King’s continues successfully. Charlotte’s Scientist is currently being recruited – although after lengthy discussion with the team there, the role has changed. This is now going to be a much more senior position, and we are looking for a specialist neuro-oncologist of the highest calibre to be in post for at least one year, and hopefully longer. The information generated is expected to pay dividends much faster in terms of better results, diagnosis and treatment of glioblastoma patients.

We are also hoping to make a major announcement of what will be a very exciting and ambitious project which will make a significant difference to the way glioblastoma patients are treated – watch this space!

Our thanks go out to Brighton & Hove Bus Company, who are now displaying Charlotte’s name on their route 27 buses, the route Charlotte used to use when she was well enough. The company has been a longstanding supporter of Charlotte’s BAG, having carried posters inside buses twice, reaching around one million passengers each time. Charlotte would have loved the idea of a bus with her name on!

Read about it and see photos here.

The staff at Cardinal Newman Catholic School, where Charlotte and Miles both attended and Alex works, continue to be huge and ever more inventive supporters of Charlotte’s BAG. Last summer’s 25 mile night walk across the Downs was clearly not taxing enough: June 27th will see a team leaving from the Lost Luggage Office (get the BAG ref?!) at Charing Cross Station, London, to walk the 52 miles/84km overnight and during the course of the next day, arriving back at school for the end of the school day on June 28th.

Alex was named ‘Fundraiser of the Year’ in the BBC Radio Sussex and Surrey Community Heroes Awards at the back end of 2018, with several radio and online features based around her and Charlotte’s story. www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/articles/225qwnBLdxb9x3cwTL9VTMc/sussex-community-heroes-awards-2018
Alex has also been named one of Brighton’s 100 most influential people on the inaugural list compiled by the organisation Brighton Power 100. www.brightonpower100.co.uk. There are some very illustrious names on the list!

Sadly, we didn’t win the Charity Times Award back in October – but attending on the night was a very useful experience and has given us a lot of understanding about, and some good contacts in, the corporate world behind charities.

We have a couple of other awards up our sleeves and will update you should we make progress. The awards and the media coverage we get as a result always produce donations, and are an important way of helping educate the public about glioblastoma, which is one of our stated Charity Commission objectives.

We’ve now topped £1100 in funds via this – which is free money for us at no cost to anyone who shops online and decides to donate to Charlotte’s BAG. We just wish we could get more people to use it – it’s very safe, very simple, and did we mention FREE money? All you have to do is download their little reminder button, and every time you shop online your chosen retailer gives Charlotte’s BAG a percentage of what you spend for free.

Get it here – www.easyfundraising.org.

As of the time of this newsletter we are now an official Amazon Smile charity – so every time you shop on smile.amazon.co.uk you will be prompted to ask if you would like to make us a donation at absolutely no cost to you. (NB although the URL is different it is the exact same Amazon site you are used to – this is for technical reasons at Amazon’s end).

We’ve also been accepted as an official charity for Go Fund Me. This is a website which collects money for people looking for funds as sponsorship etc, and means that any money raised comes directly to Charlotte’s BAG rather than the individual having to channel it through their own bank account.

We are already registered with Just Giving which does charge a small percentage, but having looked at other sites such as Virgin Money Giving which charges charities a monthly fee of £30, we feel JG works better for Charlotte’s BAG (as we don’t want to commit to a spend which has no direct benefit to the battle against glioblastoma).

We are still waiting for confirmation that we can be a Facebook-accepted charity, which may take a few weeks (after which, should you feel generous, you can ask for donations to Charlotte’s BAG instead of birthday presents etc, or organise other fundraisers through Facebook!)

If you get a copy of this newsletter, you are already helping us in one way or another, so we’re not asking you for money – unless you would like to donate via www.charlottesbag.com because it’s always gratefully accepted! But if you could possibly share our social media stuff via the links below, then that would be another way for us
to spread the word – thank you.

Data Protection rules mean that we have to ask you to opt in to receiving this newsletter – so if you would like to continue receiving it by email, and haven’t already opted in, please can you send a quick email to info@charlottesbag.com saying ‘newsletter please’ in the subject matter and then we can add you to the new, General Data Protection Register-compliant list. (If you’ve already done it – thank you, and no need to do it again!)

With very best wishes and all our thanks
Alex, Miles and Cressy
The Charlotte’s BAG team

Brighton Argus Charity of the Year 2017
Alex Eades: ITV Lorraine Inspirational Woman of the Year 2017
Alex Eades: The Sun Fabulous Female 2018
Alex Eades: BBC Radio Surrey and Sussex Fundraiser of the Year 2018
Alex Eades: Brighton Power 100 2018